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The Symbols of Lambda Chi Alpha

The Fraternity's colors are purple, green, and gold.
"The Crescent is our symbol; pure, high, ever growing..." This is one of the lines of our Creed and it reveals quite a bit about our motivations. For the opposite of growth is stagnation, a state completely without standards or aspirations.

The white, Tudor rose is our flower. On our Coat of Arms, the white rose is placed in the paws of the white lion rampant. This symbol was taken from the Coat of Arms of Theta Kappa Nu (a Fraternity assimilated into Lambda Chi Alpha in September/October of 1939) and placed on our own. Their flower since replaced the purple violet, our original flower.

The grape is our fruit. The symbology here is that the brotherhood demands a grouping of individuals for a common, united purpose. This symbol, taken by Warren Albert Cole from various sources, was on our original Coat of Arms and the first few badges. Later, Jack Mason removed the symbol but it remains our Fraternity fruit.

The olive is also an old symbol of our Fraternity. It was also on our original Coat of Arms and Badge. Mason decided to keep this symbol on our current Coat of Arms but it was removed from our Badge. The grapes and olive branch were replaced on the Badge by jewels on a later Badge (typically amythest for the purple and emerald for the green) and eventually replaced by eight pearls which are on the current Badge.

The potato is our vegatable. More specifically the Maine potato is the true variety. The symbolic idea here is that if you cut a potato into various pieces, and plant them into good ground, they will each grow their own plant. This reflects the ability for one Lambda Chi to be taken from his chapter and anywhere he goes, Lambda Chi Alpha cannot help but bloom there. Our chapter is a case in point as our Founding Father, Sam Guthrie, transferred to Union from Memphis State and started our chapter.

As an international Fraternity no particular mascot has been assigned. At our chapter, however, we have taken the Mallard duck to be our mascot. This is in large due to the fact that the Mallard duck's feathers has the Fraternity's colors...purple, green, and gold.

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