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Since it's inception at Gamma Zeta, our Coat of Arms has evolved from the simple design of Brothers Louis A. Webster and Warren Albert Cole into a streamlined and deeply symbolic emblem. The original design was created at the behest of the yearbook staff of the University of Massachusetts. The other organizations had a depiction of their symbols and one was requested of Lambda Chi Alpha in 1913. After some thought, the first design, not truly a Coat of Arms by the laws of heraldry, was created.

Soon thereafter, a young initiate into Lambda Chi Alpha named John "Jack" Mason took the simple arrangement of images to the level of perfection. Using the ancient laws of heraldry, he used the images and ritualistic symbols and arranged them accordingly. This gave Lamdba Chi Alpha the unique distinction of having one of the only true coats of arms in the entire greek world. Other organizations can only claim to having "crests". The crest is but one part of a large picture.

During the latter part of 1925, a fraternity called Theta Kappa Nu was assimilated into the bond of Lambda Chi Alpha. The brothehood of Theta Kappa Nu had similar interests and beliefs and the integration seemed appropriate and beneficial to both great fraternities. Accordingly to the laws of heraldry when two families were brought together through the marriage of their children, symbols from both were taken from their arms and united into one for the new union. In like manner, some symbols were taken from Theta Kappa Nu's Coat of Arms (designed by Dr. Winslow S. Anderson) and incorporated into ours.

The union added a rich dimension to our most lofty symbol, and it brings us to the current version of the Coat of Arms of Lambda Chi Alpha.

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