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The Alumni Advisory Board is a group of alumni members who function in an advisory capacity to the High Zeta officers. There is one advisor per officer and the High Pi acts as the chairman of this board. These advisors ideally should have held said office while an undergraduate or hold a position in their employment similar in function.

Currently, the Lambda-Zeta chapter has no functioning Alumni Advisory Board. However, we are coordinating with our alumni in the attempt to have one formed by the end of the year. Should any alumni be interested, please email our High Pi, Tim Tukcer, Pharm. D.

Also, fill out the following application if you wish to join the Alumni Advisory Board and your request will be given to Brother Tucker.

Personal Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Street Address:

City/Town: State: Zip Code:

Undergraduate Information

What college/university did you attend?

What offices (High Zeta or otherwise) did you hold:

What year did you graduate from your college/university?
In what was your degree?

Area of Interest

What particular High Zeta officer do you wish to advise:
(check all you would be willing to advise)
High Alpha, President
High Beta, Vice President
High Gamma, Secretary
High Tau, Treasurer
High Iota, Risk Manager
High Kappa, Fraternity Educator
High Delta, Rush Chairman
High Phi, Ritualist
High Sigma, Scholastic Chairman
High Epsilon, Social Chairman
High Rho, Alumni Secretary
What is your current job/description?

In fifty words or less, comment on why you wish to advise this officer:

Questions or comments may be
sent to our WebMaster.