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The High Zeta
   The governing body of officers for each chapter or colony of Lambda Chi Alpha is called the High Zeta, just as the members of the chapter collectively are known as the Zeta. Each officer of the High Zeta have a greek letter name and a particular set of duties. All but one of the High Zeta are elected annually by vote of the chapter members. The exception is the chapter's Alumni Advisor who serves a two year term.

   Below is the list of the High Zeta officers for 1999. You may obtain more information about each officer, their specific duties, and links to sites which involve their individual programs by clicking on their greek letters.

Brent Morris, High Alpha, President
Brad Irby, External High Beta, Vice President
Clay Williams, Internal High Beta, Vice President
Adam Clark, High Gamma, Secretary
Chet Verner, High Tau, Treasurer
Jeff McKenzie, High Iota, Risk Manager
Michael Scrivner, High Kappa, Fraternity Educator
Michael Norton, High Delta, Rush Chairman
Matt Waits, High Phi, Ritualist
Brent Morris, High Sigma, Scholastic Chairman
Billy Shelton, High Epsilon, Social Chairman
Lee Nicholson, High Rho, Alumni Secretary
Tim Tucker, High Pi, Alumni Advisor/Chancellor