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Lambda Chi of the few things you can belong to that is rooted in the past, felt in the present, and has a promising future. This is because we have hope in the future of Lambda Chi Alpha, and strength to fight for its teachings. Lambda Chi Alpha was the vision, the hope, and the dream of our founder, Warren Albert Cole. It has been nearly a century since he was inspired to do two things...make something great outside of himself that men could belong to, and to make it international. He accomplished both. Lambda Chi Alpha is now one of the largest and the fastest growing international general fraternities in the world. However it was not an easy road for Cole; he had many setbacks during his long climb to fraternal fame. Only because of his shrewd sensibility, his passion for his cause, and his unending dedication has this great fraternity become much more than he ever imagined it could.

Below are links to different aspects of our international history which may help you in understanding our great fraternity better.

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