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One of the things that makes a Greek organization much like any other is that almost all of them have mottoes of some kind. For Lambda Chi Alpha, there are seven distinct mottoes that we hold quite dear. Three of the seven mottoes are "open". This means that they are not considered secret and anyone, including non-initiates, may know their meaning.
Below are the three open mottoes and their translations:

The remaining four mottoes' meanings are "closed" or secret:

The ideals of the Fraternity are many and quite encompassing. There are four basic ideals which our Fraternity is based on. There are, however, many more principles which are built upon these four ideals of Fraternity.
The four ideals of Fraternity are:

Beyond these foundational four are the other virtues which demand attention in the bonds of our brotherhood. One such set of ideals are found symbolically on the Associate Membership Pin. Each triangle on the pin is representative of an ideal. They are Patriotism, Learning, Morality, and Fraternity. These are the four ideals taught in the Associate Member Ceremony, the induction ceremony for new members of the Fraternity.
In furtherance of this ideal, we have also taken from the Associate Member Ceremony the lofty charge of whom we follow, for Jesus of Nazareth is our Exempler.

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