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The Fathers of Our Fraternity

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The early leaders of Lambda Chi Alpha were blessed with high ideals, youthful enthusiasm, and spirited ambition, but were lacking in age, experience, and financial resources. They acted on their ideals and goals and set high standards for all members to follow. And remember, they were no older than today's college students when they started Lambda Chi Alpha.

[Warren Albert Cole]
Warren Albert Cole
Brother Cole had the aspiration, the burning desire to achieve something important: to found a great international fraternity. Given his limited experience, this seems rather outrageous. But in the face of overwhelming odds, at great personal sacrifice, in spite of numerous crushing disappointments, braving sneers and condemnation, he persevered.

It took tremendous effort and discipline to type 40 to 50 letters per day in expansion efforts; it took dedication to personally type a copy of the Constitution and several copies of the Ritual for each new chapter. But it was done. Brother Cole's dream was made manifest, and the 222,000 initiates of Lambda Chi Alpha are his undying legacy.

[John E. Jack Mason]
John E. "Jack" Mason

[Samuel Dyer]
Samuel Dyer

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