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This page is a work in progress as our historian collects more information to construct our family tree history. There are nine family trees in the Lambda-Zeta Zeta chapter. The first tree is named after Brother Sam Guthrie. He is the individual most responsible for the founding of our chapter. After transferring from Memphis State University, he and Brother Jerry Thompson helped get Lambda-Zeta started. In memory of these tireless efforts, we wish to display our proud heritage here as a virtual record of the lineage of the nine families. The other eight families of our chapter are named after the first brother of that particular tree. If you are a Brother from this chapter, please email our Historian and inform him of any part of your or any other member's tree you may remember. Until all nine trees are entirely constructed, we will post only partial records here. Please contact us with any additional information you have, or if records we have obtained for display here are inaccurate.

In Zeta Alpha Chi,

The Brothers of Lambda-Zeta's Active Chapter

The Family Trees of Lambda-Zeta Zeta

Sam Guthrie

Jerry Thompson

Carl Cox

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Tanner

Ronnie Baker

Harlen Crossen

David Melvin

John Wells

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