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Now that's an excellent question. It sounds pretty arrogant to say this, coming from a member of the Greek community, but the fraternity that you join can make a world of difference and it can change your life. So when and if you decide to join one, you need to know what it has to offer you and whether you have something to offer in return.

A true Fraternity has no room for those who seek status, power or personal gain from membership. It is a place for those who have the courage and the desire to share their "secret place of the heart" with other human beings; for those who wish to be more than they are. It is a bond built by continual striving between men who acknowledge their imperfections and the limits of their camaraderie, but who refuse to accept those limitations as insurmountable. It is learning that the only way to multiply joy is to divide it and share it, and that the bond of real friendship is not subject to the usual erosions of the human personality.

The most rewarding thing that Lambda Chi Alpha can ever hope to give you is a steadfast bond with the brothers of this fraternity which neither time nor distance can weather. But there is more. Fraternity gives you the ability to become not only a leader, but a servant. It may sound paradoxical, but in our philosophy of friendship you must become one to be successful at the other. Lambda Chi gives men not only the tools and training, but the opportunity to become better men and to overcome the imperfections which we all bring to the table.

The benefit of joining Lambda Chi Alpha over most every fraternity in today's Greek system is the association system. It is the only program which does not shatter the dignity of an individual by requiring a sordid pledgeship, seperation of brothers and new members, and the endless opportunies for hazing. We have given faith, in your character, your abilities, your morality, and in your passion therefore you may become a leader as soon as you join our organization. We feel that if we can trust you with joining our fraternity, there is no reason you cannot also be trusted with a position of leadership. We want members not because we can give them something they do not already have, but because we see in them something we wish to add to our own distinctiveness, something which can be honed and sharpened. You aren't turned into a form-molded copy, you are free to express your own ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

In short, Lambda Chi Alpha gives you the ability to be who you already are and it gives you the opportunity to grow in an environment which fosters a spirit of brotherly love, mutual aid, and close personal association. This is expressed in our open motto, Vir Quisque Vir. Translated, this Latin motto means "Every Man, A Man". You are already a man. Lambda Chi Alpha can simply make you a better one.

There are things you gain from membership that cannot be easily defined. It is a very personal thing. It's a totally new adventure that starts off with mixed feelings of doubt and high spirits, apprehension, and anticipation...or its the rekindled desire to return from summer to school, to friends, to time-worn ways...or it's an alumni's memories of some of the happiest hours of his life.

It the torrential flood of students from class at the stroke of the hour, heading for a quick stop at the's the hallowed library standing like a sentinel guarding the past...and the inter-mingling of voices on the intramural field lawns. It's the musical click of ping-pong balls when there's a half hour to squander before the next's the mind-boggling array at the bookstore when you're picking out your required reading list.

It's the frenzied fervor of homecoming and with it the electric charge of the greek's the blare of the crowd during a home game in the last's chapter road trips across America during fall break of October while the Autumn wind blows the drying leaves through the newly chilling's munching popcorn at the movies on a brotherhood event or out collecting food for Food Drive... it's the dazzeling, almost poetic sunsets in the spring when the campus and the town are streaked with alternate patches of sunlight and's the perpetual race to get the tuxedo on and meet your date in the women's commons for an evening at White Rose formal... it's the cold, harsh floor beneath bare feet at rush retreat in the gray, drowsy's the day a week when jerseys are donned and the letters are worn's late night conversations with your best friends when you have to get up at seven o'clock in the's the deluge of sights and sounds and feelings on the night of initiation where all is revealed and all makes sense...and it's the times that you revisit ritual by living it every day.

It's the unspoken, joyful thanks when the end of the year is a step away and books are closed for the summer, or for good...and it's the sorrowful, bittersweet mix of excitement and sadness when leaving friends and brothers, familiar places and the pulsating tempo of college and fraternity life...carrying away only the fertile memories and the starched diploma...

Lambda Chi Alpha offers you a family away from your family. It offers you a home away from home. Most importantly, it offers you the best friends of your life, who you'll still meet for dinner on quiet evenings in twenty, thirty, fourty years or at alumni reunions. Fraternity-- Lambda Chi Alpha--is a very personal thing that will provide you with a storehouse of memories and experiences.

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