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[Typewriter, Letters, and Crescent in Cross] [Fred Shackelford's Photo]

Student Advisory Committee Correspondant

Fred Shackelford, S.A.C. Correspondant

The office of Student Advisory Committee Correspondent is manifold at this chapter due to the combination of responsibilities. The S.A.C. Correspondent is responsible to correspond with the Student Advisory Committee at our International Headquarters. This Committee is a group of 12 undergraduates, one from each conclave or region, who is chosen to advise the Grand High Zeta (the International Board of Directors of the Fraternity). His duties also include correspondance with the Cross and Crescent, the International Fraternity's official quarterly magazine, in order to submit photographs and articles about the chapter's activities and local accomplishments. In addition to these duties he shall also work as a public relations officer by preparing and mailing The Delta Rock, which is the Chapter Newsletter to the Alumni and to the General Fraternity. Lastly, he is responsible to utilize the area newspapers and the hometown newpapers of the members for the purposes of press releases and advertisement of Fraternity functions.

Below is a link to the online version of The Delta Rock:

Comments or questions may be
sent to our S.A.C. Correspondant, Fred Shackelford
or to our WebMaster.