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[Sword] [Matt Waits' Photo]

High Phi

Matt Waits, Ritualist

The office of High Phi, or Ritualist, is entrusted with the ideals and aspirations of Lambda Chi Alpha which are embodied in our rituals. He shall develop a strong program of education in the meaning of Zeta Alpha Chi, planned in concert with the other officers. He shall also educate via the conscientious performance of the Associate Member Ceremony, Ritual for Deceased Brothers, Table Graces, the Officer Installation Ceremony, the Ritual for Conducting Business Meetings, and the Intiation Ritual. The careful practice and exemplification of our rituals can help our Fraternal ideals to be turned into the reality of accomplishment by our members. He shall teach wisely, guard well, exemplify clearly, and in so doing he shall cherish his responsibility for the loving heart that is the hope of our faithful members. His symbolic color is purple and his emblem of office is the sword.

Below is a list of sites which may serve to further educate about matters concerning the ritualistic heratige of our fraternity:

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