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In addition to the High Zeta officers, many other members are elected to positions which are also necessary for complete chapter operations. Each chapter can customize additional officers as needed to fit their particular needs at their college or university.

Below is the list of the current Non-High Zeta officers for the 1998 term. You may obtain more information about each officer, their specific duties, and links to sites which involve their invididual programs by visiting each officer's page.

Steve Moore, Chaplain

Dexter McLeod, Standards Chairman

Billy Mauldin, House Manager

Greg Parsons, Intramural Director

Jeremy Todd, Fire Marshal

Chad Wilson, Song Director

Dr. Stephen Carls, Faculty Advisor

Fred Shackelford, Student Advisory Committee Correspondent

Neal Rager and Michael O'Neal, Senators to SGA

Michael Norton, Clay Williams, and Bryan Jerry, IFC Representatives

Dexter McLeod, Historian

Dexter McLeod, WebMaster

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