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The Executive Committee of the Fraternity is the body of officers which enforces the laws by which the chapter operates. They approve and create the yearly budget for chapter finances and makes all executive decisions for disciplinary issues when such occurances deem it necessary.

The Committee is composed of officers from the High Zeta. In addition to the High Zeta officers, two members of the Executive Committee are active members in good standing elected to serve on the panel. The Committee has five voting members and two ex-officio members who vote in the absense of a voting member. The voting members include the High Pi as Chancellor of the Committee, the High Alpha as president of the Fraternity, the High Tau as Fraternity treasurer, and the two elected active members. The two non-voting members are the High Sigma as Scholastic Chairman and the High Beta as the Fraternity's Vice-President. Here at the Lambda-Zeta Chapter we have split the office of Vice-President into two seperate offices because of the work load the office requires. The Internal High Beta serves as the Internal Vice President and the External High Beta serves as the External Vice President.

The Voting Members

Tim Tucker, Pharm. D. High Pi, Chancellor
Chad Shankle High Alpha, President
Chet Verner High Tau, Treasurer
Neal Rager Active Member
Ben Cripps Active Member

Ex-Officio Members

Brad Irby External High Beta, Vice-President
Clay Williams Internal High Beta, Vice-President
Brent Morris High Sigma, Scholastic Chairman

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