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Chapter Officers
   Due to the many diverse functions of a chapter, it is necessary to have many officers through which all the programs, projects, and standards may be accomplished. This chapter has five main divisions in its officer core. The first is called the High Zeta, which is the primary governing body of the active chapter. The second is the non-High Zeta. These are the administrative aids and other such officers that our chapter has created due to our specific needs here at Union. The third is the Executive Committee. This committee is the chief executive authority in the chapter and makes all decisions based on law enforcement, budgetary finances, and other primary chapter functions. The fourth is the Housing Corporation. These officers are responsible for overseeing the chapter's usage of our lodge and they are alumni. The last officer set is also alumni. They are the Alumni Advisory Board and are advisors to the High Zeta.

Below you may visit the individual areas set aside for each specific set of officers and get a better understanding of each officer's unique duties and powers.